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Bocconi is the university that I tutor most by far. The main reason is the undergraduate programs being very tough and demanding. In all programs, mathematics, statistics, economics, programming courses are high level. I think this is good for Bocconi students because in today's world making a difference is becoming more and more important for university education. Below, you can find the list of courses that I have tutored at Bocconi: 



Mathematics, 30400

Statistics, 30401

Microeconomics, 30403 

Applied Mathematics, 30407

Advanced Statistical Methods, 30408 

Macroeconomics, 30409

Econometrics, 30413

Computational Microeconomics 1, 30418

Computational Microeconomics 2, 30419

Fundamentals of Computer Science, 30398


Macroeconomics, 30325

Microeconomics, 30326

Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences I, 30319

Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences II, 30320

Computer Science, 30424


Statistics, 30001

Financial Economics, 30055

General Mathematics, 30062

Applied Mathematics, 30063

Microeconomics, 30065

International Macroeconomics, 30443

Mathematics, 30268

Applications for Management, 30280


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