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My One to One Tutoring for the Bocconi Test 

1. How do I prepare my students for the Bocconi Test, how long does it take?

One to one tutoring is totally flexible. So, the necessary number of hours varies from student to student. I usually follow the following schedule:

  • I first solve all the official simulation questions of the Bocconi University. It takes 3-4 hours. During these hours, I understand my student's needs, and introduce almost all math question types in the Bocconi Test. (I strongly recommend my video tutorial package as a cost effective solution to learn the initial content.

  • After the simulations, I start giving mock exams before each session. In each session, we analyze my student's solutions to the mock exam. It usually takes 5 hours for 5 mock exams. 

  • I continue supplying tests and practice questions as long as my student demands.

  • Upon demand, I also help my students on critical thinking and reading comprehension sections of the Bocconi Test.

  • Bocconi Test is a multiple-choice test, and it needs specific preparation. I guide my students on how to practice for the Test, use time efficiently during the Test, and abstain from exam anxiety. 


2. What is the cost of one-to-one tutoring?

My hourly rate for one-to-one tutoring is 100 Euros. 


3. Does my tutoring help my students?

All of my students increased their scores dramatically after our tutoring sessions. So, yes, it helped a lot. However, Bocconi applications have been becoming more and more competitive. Hence, I had students who got rejections with very high test scores. That's why I recommend Summer Round to increase chances of admission. 

4. When can we start? 

Please message me via whatsapp or e-mail (see below) and let's get started. 

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