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Testimonials of my Bocconi Test students

Elina Kastrinaki

I found out about Mr. Taylan Hoca through his YouTube videos. From November to January, Taylan was the best help I could ever ask for. Not only he supported me academically but also emotionally, boosting my confidence about Bocconi Test. My test score went from 15 to 35.2, which speaks for itself. Mr.Taylan is very polite, patient and most importantly helpful. Thank you for helping achieve my dream. 


David, Moscow School 121 

I found Taylan Hoca’s course on the Internet by accident. I’ve tried other courses as well, and I can state that Taylan’s one is the best. I’ve learnt a lot of theory during the package’s videos and enhanced my skills in tutoring sessions by asking questions to Taylan. Eventually, I got a high score in the Bocconi Test only thanks to Taylan and his preparation materials.

Aishwarya, Bocconi Test
Taylan’s tutoring sessions were very helpful to me and he is very knowledgeable about the test and the types of questions. He was very flexible with time as I started preparing late and was able to tailor sessions in areas I needed help on. Moreover his extensive background in tutoring undergraduate student made our sessions very valuable and his question bank helped me increase my math score a lot. With Taylan’s help I was able to secure a good Bocconi test score and get an admission offer as well.
Antoni, Bocconi Test
Taylan has extensive resources and knowledge to prepare anyone for the Bocconi test. His pace matches the pace of the test, sessions are engaging and informative. Taylan's tips are super valuable and even a few hours of tutoring should result in a noticeable improvement in the score. In my case, with the help of Taylan, my score went from 29 on the mock to 41 on the test. A strong recommendation :)
Filip, Bocconi Test
Taylan is not only very knowledgeable about the contents of the test - giving specific information regarding Bocconi that can't be gained from just any math tutor - but also very motivating and an enthusiastic teacher. His help was a huge help in my performance in the test.
Deniz, Saint-Joseph French HS
I had no idea about how the Bocconi test worked but even after the first lesson I felt the comfort provided by Taylan. Apart from his patient and comprehensive teaching method, he was a huge moral support, always motivating and optimistic. I don't think that I would have such a high grade if I had not studied with him.

Taylan lessons and mock exams were a fundamental part of my preparation to the Bocconi Exams. Not only in the technical aspect, but also in the mindset. Taylan helped me keep calm and build a strategy for the exam. With his help, I managed to secure a place at BIEF, in the spring session.

I didn’t really know how to study for the bocconi test, but hopefully, Taylan helped me by giving me mock tests, and putting all his heart to help us. Thanks to him, next year, I will be joining the BIEF at bocconi.
Taylan is a professional teacher that supports and gives a lot of helpful tips to pass your exams well. While tutoring for Bocconi exam you get many explanations on how to approach some of the difficult mathematic and logic questions and how to manage your time well. He puts a lot of work on what he is doing and whenever you need help he is open for any questions you have. It is rare to find such an understanding and supporting teacher, that uses his free time to help you understand more.
Brilliant and experienced tutor you can definitely trust. Always answers our questions patiently and encourages us to push our limits! Very thankful for finding him.

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