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Bocconi Test Video Tutorial Package

The Best Way to Prepare for the Bocconi Test:

1. Watch the videos on my Video Tutorial Package. Try to solve the examples yourself. 

2. Go to my five new math mock exams and their video sessions. Solve the mock exam yourself first. Then watch the relevant session. 

3. After these, if you still need help, please contact me for one on one sessions. 

I found Taylan Hoca’s course on the Internet by accident. I’ve tried other courses as well, and I can state that Taylan’s one is the best. I’ve learnt a lot of theory during the package’s videos and enhanced my skills in tutoring sessions by asking questions to Taylan. Eventually, I got a high score in the Bocconi Test only thanks to Taylan and his preparation materials. David, Moscow School 121



The package includes many videos + 5 new mock exams and group sessions!:



The price of the whole package is 99 Euros for 1 week view and 199 Euros for 6 months view. Please choose the option that you prefer.

How to watch the videos?

The package can be purchased and watched via DaCast, a leading video monetization platform. To check the video player, you can watch one sample video of the package:


How to purchase?

Click one of the links above to watch and click on a video. The paywall will demand payment. Choose the greater price to purchase the whole package and the lower price to purchase the particular topic. Signup to create a DaCast account. Proceed to the payment.

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