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13 March 8 PM. The session will be via zoom and free of charge. Please click on the link to register. 

Please watch my sample video of linear algebra

Please watch my sample video of summary of integrals 


What does the package include?

  • Solutions to past exam questions

  • Solutions to homework and mock exam questions on BB

  • Additional explanations and summaries on topics

  • Two mock exams 

  • Two live sessions (one before the first and one before the second partials)

Links for the videos (new videos are being added)

Linear Algebra - 3 videos

Integrals Summary

Integrals Multiple Choice Questions - 2 videos

Probability Multiple Choice Questions - 2 videos

Integrals Short Answer Questions

Probability Short Answer Questions - 2 videos

Integrals Open Answer Questions

Probability Open Answer Questions

Financial Calculus Multiple Choice Questions - 3 videos


How much does the package cost?

The price of the package is 90 Euros. 

How to watch?

The package can be purchased and watched via DaCast, a leading video monetization platform.

How to purchase?

Click one of the links above to watch and click on a video. The paywall will demand payment. Signup to create a DaCast account. Proceed to the payment.

After the payment, you can watch your purchased videos for 12 months by logging into the same DaCast account.

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