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Bocconi Test Video Tutorial Package

Your First Step Toward Excelling on the Bocconi Test


  • Math Proficiency: Comprehensive coverage of all required math concepts.

  • Time Management & Tactics: Essential strategies for efficient test-taking.

  • Reading & Numerical Reasoning: Introductory guide to key sections.

Time is very valuable in the Bocconi Test. Knowing the types and fastest solutions for the 28 Math questions will save the necessary time to get a competitive score. So, yes, even if you are good at math, these videos will help you. 



  • Effective Preparation: Ideal for practicing the math section tailored to the Bocconi Test's format.

  • Extensive Question Set: Access to 140 carefully designed questions reflecting the exam’s challenges.

  • Outstanding Feedback: Students consistently report high satisfaction and significant competitive benefits.


Explore my five math mock exams and accompanying video sessions. Start by attempting the mock exam yourself, then watch the corresponding video solution for detailed explanations. By the end of these sessions, you’ll not only have thoroughly rehearsed the math section but also gained a clear understanding of what to expect on test day.

I found Taylan Hoca’s course on the Internet by accident. I’ve tried other courses as well, and I can state that Taylan’s one is the best. I’ve learnt a lot of theory during the package’s videos and enhanced my skills in tutoring sessions by asking questions to Taylan. Eventually, I got a high score in the Bocconi Test only thanks to Taylan and his preparation materials. David, Moscow School 121

Video Tutorial Package: Videos + 5 Math Mocks and Solutions

Price: €199 for the entire package.

How to Watch the Videos:

  • Access: Purchase and view the package via DaCast, a leading video monetization platform.

  • Sample: To test the video player, watch a sample video from the package:



How to Purchase:

  • Step 1: Click any video link here.

  • Step 2: The paywall will prompt you for payment.

  • Step 3: Sign up to create a DaCast account and proceed with the payment.

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