Univ. Leiden

I’m currently a second year student at the University of Leiden. I’ve been taking statistics classes from Professor Taylan for the past two years. Statistics had always been a nightmare for me, however with Taylan’s help I’ve been breezing through these classes. I wouldn’t have been able to make the progress I had in statistics if it hadn’t been for Taylan. Thank you...

King's College

I’m currently studying Political Economy at King’s College in London. I’d been having problems in my statistics classes for a while due to my lacking of fundamental understanding in the field. However, thanks to Taylan’s step by step approach, with a return to the basics, I was able to solidify my comprehension of the field. This is what made Taylan truly stand out from the other tutors I’ve had. He gives great importance to your in depth understanding and never moves on without knowing you’re 100% solid on that topic. My grades have significantly improved in the few classes I’ve taken with him.

Uni. Bocconi

From I’ve taken both statistics and calculus classes with Professor Taylan. Because I’m studying at the University of Bocconi as an international student, the style of study was a great change for me, making it a little hard to grasp the concepts at times. However, Taylan was great at tailoring our sessions to meet the exact needs and format of our statistics classes offered in my department. I’ve taken two exams after my classes with Taylan and have gotten great grades in both of them. Although I have to admit that I was a little reluctant at taking classes via Skype at first, I’ve grown to love it. It’s incredibly convenient! I would recommend everyone to give it a shot.

Cornell Univ.

I would absolutely recommend everyone to take classes from Taylan! He’s incredibly disciplined, knowledgable, and experienced. I’ve taken both Calculus A/B courses (and will now be taking Statistics). While our class average for Calculus was a 60%, with Taylan’s help I was able to get an A+ in the class, finishing with an average of 98%. And trust me, this is coming from someone who has long struggled in math. Taylan’s friendliness and way of explaining complex topics makes even a subject as boring as Calculus fun. Thank you Taylan for all your help, and most importantly making me love math.

Univ. Leiden

I’ve been taking classes from Taylan for the past two months. What made him a great tutor was that he was able to have me fully understand the theories behind challenging concepts so that I didn’t have to blindly memorize formulas that I would quickly forget after taking my tests. He was also very focused on making sure that I understood the topics before moving on.

I discovered Taylan and his Skype tutoring by chance when I was looking for math tutors online. However, I’m glad I did because he’s been great. It doesn’t matter which city or even which country you’re in, Taylan’s style of tutoring over skype makes it feel no different than getting tutoring in person or in class. He’s incredibly patient and understanding. Thanks to him I was not only able to pass my math class but also gain a solid foundation for future classes.

Polit. Milano

These testimonials are translated to English from Turkish.