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My Online Tutorial Sessions for the Bocconi Test 

Last year many students participated my group sessions for the Bocconi Test. I assign a mock exam, students send me their solutions, and I explain the solutions during the sessions. Since original Bocconi simulations are too easy, my mock exams helped a lot to prepare for the actual test. Below you can find testimonials of three students from the group sessions last year.

Each session will be at least 1.5 hours. I will send a mock exam including 28 math questions, as in the actual test, before the session. Besides, I will explain additional topics and questions.

Bocconi Test Winter Round Tutorial Sessions

The price for each session is 40 Euros. All sessions will be free for students who purchase my video tutorial package.

Testimonials by students from my group sessions

I didn’t really know how to study for the bocconi test, but hopefully, Taylan helped me by giving me mock tests, and putting all his heart to help us. Thanks to him, next year, I will be joining the BIEF at bocconi.
Taylan is a professional teacher that supports and gives a lot of helpful tips to pass your exams well. While tutoring for Bocconi exam you get many explanations on how to approach some of the difficult mathematic and logic questions and how to manage your time well. He puts a lot of work on what he is doing and whenever you need help he is open for any questions you have. It is rare to find such an understanding and supporting teacher, that uses his free time to help you understand more.
Brilliant and experienced tutor you can definitely trust. Always answers our questions patiently and encourages us to push our limits! Very thankful for finding him.

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