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Tips for the verbal section of Bocconi Test

  • Bocconi Test comprises 13 questions testing reading comprehension skills

  • Unlike SAT tests, the texts are typically made up of only one paragraph, albeit a long one.

  • While some questions are about the clarification or the definition of specific terms or expressions in the texts, others are directed towards testing if student grasps  the intention and arguments of the text.

  • While one can develop alternative strategies, we recommend, first, reading the question, and then paragraph, and subsequently choices. Starting with the question will give you a direction to identify relevant and irrelevant sections of the text.

  • If you are sure about the answer, you can quickly mark your answer and move on. However, many students often remain undecided  between two possibly correct choices. In that case, you should go back to the text and mark the section/sentence of the text relevant to the question and go over it to find the correct choice.

  • One key to find the correct choice is to remind yourself that the answer is only and only in the text. Your additional knowledge on the subject matter is irrelevant.

  • Since the incorrect answers are punished by the structure the test, if you are unsure about more than two choices, you are advised to skip the question.


Do not hesitate to write us for additional advice and feedback.

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