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Bocconi Test Mock Exam Samples


Bocconi Test Mock Exam Sessions

by Taylan Hoca:

6 Bocconi test video tutoring sessions for math and logic sections. Each session includes solutions for a mock exam (5 sessions are from my mock exams book, 1 session includes a special mock exam). Each session lasts for at least 1.5 hours, and costs 25 Euros. You can either pay individually for 25 Euros each or pay 125 Euros once for all 6 mock exam sessions.

The package can be purchased and watched via DaCast, a leading video monetization platform. You can choose 125 Euros option to pay the discounted rate at once. Please use your same DaCast account to watch the videos for a period of 6 months. 

You can watch the sample video to check the video player.

Session 1: Solutions of Mock Exam 1

A special mock exam session on 11 Sep 2022

Updated for this year's Bocconi Test

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