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Bocconi Test Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Bocconi Test difficult?

Yes, the actual Bocconi Test is much more difficult than the simulations by Bocconi University or the SAT. Since Summer 2022 (compared to 2021-2022), the number of probability logic questions has significantly decreased. Reading and numerical reasoning have become substantially more difficult. The recently added Critical Thinking section is the easiest; the questions are similar to the Bocconi simulation questions. 
Since the test is more difficult, I observe a decrease in student scores. This year, scores above 40 are rare compared to the last year. 

What score do I need to get in?
There is no clear answer to this question because other factors determine the admission decisions, and the number of applicants varies in each round. I observed admissions to BEMACS with scores above 36 and BIEM with scores above 33 in the Summer Round. 
Of course, the winter round is likely to be even more competitive; hence the necessary scores may increase. Getting first above 30 and then above 35, and then as high as possible can be a good target plan. 

How to prepare for the Bocconi Test?
Bocconi University's simulation questions are good, to begin with:
Test 1

Test 2
Test 3

This year's simulation
Even though these questions are much easier than the actual test, they are suitable for understanding the content and the style of the test. After these, our book is a good sour
ce for more demanding questions:
6 Mock Exams For The Bocconi Test
I recommend watching my video tutorial package intensively to increase the score as fast as possible. The package includes video explanations of many types of questions in the Bocconi Test. The package also includes free participation in my online group sessions. The package is the most cost and time-effective way of preparing for the Bocconi Test. 
After the package, we can do one-on-one tutoring to practice more and focus on the areas/questions with most difficulties.
Finally, the student's practice is the most crucial factor in increasing the score. If a student tries to solve a lot of questions, practices a lot, and fills the gaps with the help of tutoring, it is the best way to prepare. 

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