An interactive live webinar for your final!

Hi, my name is Taylan. On June 6th, I will organize an interactive live webinar for UCI MATH2B. Mainly, I will show you how to solve past exams, and answer your questions. You can have an idea on my teaching by watching the video on the left (a past final question on power series). Please register for the webinar here so I can keep you posted. 

A bit more about the webinar:

I have been organizing course-specific live interactive webinars for a while. My goal is to cover the more challenging topics in Math 2B to help you prep for the final. Keeping in mind that the content of the MATH2b course is tough, I believe our webinar format will be useful for you. 

Our webinars were first on Youtube (a few examples here), now we do them under, our startup focusing on these webinars. 

Pricing: The first 60 minutes of the webinar will be free, and the price for the paid part will be 10 US dollars. So, you can join the free part and stay if you like. 

You can e-mail me to ask your questions about the webinar and tutoring. My e-mail address is

I hope to see you at UCI MATH2B webinar!

Who are we?

We are a small start-up that focuses on giving affordable tutoring to college students like you. 

What makes us different?

We understand that while Calculus is a general topic with similar concepts thaught in all classes, we also know that different colleges and different professors have different expectations from their students. Whether this be an emphasis on certain topics, or a specific test format, we are here to give you the best tutoting you can get. We specifically tailor our classes and tutoing material specific to your course.